Thursday, July 28, 2011

Adventures with A.D.

(picture taken by: František Halky Halás )

This past weekend, we (Arrested Development) took a weekend trip to Slovakia to play for the Zakovic Open Festival and then to Jersey, U.K. for the Grassroots Eco music festival. The trip was short (although catching 8 planes in 3 days made the time pass suuuper slow!) but packed with great music and tasty food.

The best part for me is to see everyone dancing to the music. The age range for festival attendees range from 3 months to _____(fill in the blank) so it's a beautiful thing to see folks of all ages enjoying the same style of music.

For me, one of the highlights of our show is when I can pull out my camera a snap random shots of the crowd having a great time :) I thought it would be cool if you could see what yall look like to us from the stage. So here a few pics I grabbed as well as some taken by other folks at the festivals. For more pics, check out my facebook page (Tasha LaRae) and click on the "Adventures with A.D." photo album.

Enjoy and have a fabulous day!

Tasha LaRae

more pics by František Halky Halás:

Friday, July 15, 2011

Earjeans Monthly challenge July 2011

Hey hey fabulous people!! Happy Friday to you all :) I thought it would be fun to post the Earjeans monthly Challenge today to start your weekend off right.

This one is for everyone to enter and 5 winners will be chosen and announced today on the Earjeans Facebook Fan Page. click here and like today

Prize: All participents will receive a 30% coupon code to use on their next order. 5 lucky winners will receive one (1) free pair of button stud earrings (you chose the color). The coupon has no expiration date. Good for one (1) use only.

Answer these 3 questions (post your answers here or on the facebook fan page)

1)What is your favorite t.v. show?
2)What is your favorite style of music?
3)Which do you prefer: music, fashion, or both? and why? Post your answers here!

Winners of the drawing will be announced at 7pm tonight!

Good luck!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Getting out of my own way...

It's a little after 3:30am and, you guessed it, I can't sleep. After a full day of creating jewelry and taking care of a few household duties, I sit, "bright eyed and bushy tailed" -as my mom would say- so I thought this would be a good time to update my blog :)

I call this one "Getting out of my own way" because I feel like that's the process I've been going through over the past couple of weeks. With the release of my album (not trying to plug, lol) and a couple of opportunities that have presented themselves to me, I was forced to face the real reason why I haven't progressed further in certain areas of my life and my career- ME.

That's right. I was afraid of the very success I said I wanted. (I even had the nerve to pray and ask God for it!) How crazy does that sound? The spotlight seems a bit scary once millions of people know who you are and they're watching what you do. Naturally, you want to be perfect, not make any mistakes or piss anyone off, cause, who wants to have enemies? So I made plenty of personal excuses to justify why I should only go so far in the music industry and then not go past that point. To me, it was cool if only a handful of people knew about me and my music as long as I made enough money to live a decent life that allowed me and those around me to build wealth for our families as well as travel the world-while still being "normal people".

BUT there's a huge problem with this philosophy. You can never truly know your full potential if you don't push past your point of fear. If you stop when you start thinking "I can't afford this", "It's too late", "I'm too old", " I've got kids", "No one's gonna be interested in what I have to say" and so on, then you will be blocking your own way to the path of your life. You'll make an excuse for why it's ok to stay right there and will be forced to wonder "what if..." for the rest of your life.

Somewhere in my mid twenties, I promised myself that I would live my life with no regrets. That I was gonna go for my dreams no matter what. Thanks to a few of my close friends and my family, I found the strength to push past my own fears and get out of my own way.

Thanks for reading :)

P.S. I hope this all makes sense, lol!