Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's Fun Rocking Earjeans!

Well hello, everyone! I hope this blog finds you smiling this wonderful Tuesday morning :o)

I am excited about today's blog because it features some of my dearest friends showing off their Earjeans! I have a lot of fun making Earjeans and it's even more fun when I get text messages, emails, pictures, etc from satisfied customers who say they get tons of compliments on their Earrings. I thought it would be really cool to start a running blog segment where we show off their pictures and talk a little about them. If you want your picture featured, just send me a good picture (doesn't have to be professional just great lighting where we can see your face and your earrings really good) to earjeans@yahoo.com and put "Earjeans Pics" in the subject line.

Earjeans Diva: Queen La
North Carolina

Beautiful woman, inside and out! I love her positive attitude about life and making every moment count.

Earjeans Diva: Donnita Hathaway
Chicago, IL

Fabulous woman! Full of creativity, drive, and always knows how to make something happen!

Earjeans Diva: Judith Franklin

Another beautiful spirited woman! An amazing singer and friend :o) (Hope you are enjoying Africa, Judith!)

Earjeans Diva: Sherron Days

Another beautiful woman inside and out! So pretty!

Earjeans Diva: Kayte Burgess

Another singing, soul diva! Kayte Burgess is a name you won't want to forget! An amazing voice and really fun person to be around.

Earjeans Diva: Avery Sunshine
Philadelphia, PA

So many things I can say about this power house of a woman! Shine on, Ms. Sunshine! Sang!!!
Yall check her out!! Buy on Itunes

Thank you all for being who you are! I am so grateful to know you and equally grateful that you are all rockin Earjeans!

Until next time, keep smiling and being beautiful YOU!

Tasha LaRae

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