Tuesday, May 31, 2011

On the Road Again

Happy Tuesday everyone :o) Hope you're all smiling! We've made it to our 4th city, Bochum, Germany and it's a bit rainy and gloomy. We'll be doing a sound check soon and then off to dinner before the show. I'm starting to miss making jewelry. I wish I would have brought something to work on but I wouldn't have any time to do it. :( oh well guess I'll just have to keep enjoying Germany *snaps fingers* lol

An interesting concept I've experienced for the past 2 days...having to pay to use the public restrooms! 0.50 Euro you pay and it gives you a ticket to pee :) but if you buy something from the store they give you your money to pee back, lol! hilarious!! But I'll admit, those bathrooms are as clean as the doctors office and it had a self cleaning thing where the toilet lid spins around as this cloth with a cleaning agent wipes the seat clean. I was amazed lol!


Thanks to a couple of our friends, we were informed of an E-coli outbreak here in Germany and have stayed away from cucumbers, tomatoes, and lettuce. (so much for eating salads). But I really feel bad for the people who've died because of this. That's scary. A lot of people got sick from it (like 300) but 10 people died. So sad...

Sorry I don't have anything more super exciting to share than pay-per-use-toilets and contaminated vegetables! Hopefully somthing really cool happens at the show tonight and I can share it with you :o)

Here are the latest pics

Sunday, May 29, 2011

On the road again day 2

Wow! What a show. Stuttgart definitely came out ready to party and that's exactly what they did. The Sudhaus was packed with about 300 A.D. fans dancing and singing til their heart was content. Such a beautiful sight to see.

Needless to say, after a double encore, we were super exhausted! We all headed back to the hotel for a good nights rest.

Our next road trip was to Heidelberg. It was about a 2 hour ride and you guessed it...I slept the entire ride! Missed all the beautiful scenery and everything. As if that wasn't enough, once we checked into the second hotel, I slept for another 2 hours. Touring really does take a lot out of you energy wise and for the type of show that we give, you need all the energy you can get!

We're finishing up sound check now & headed to get some food. #superhungryrightnow
Here are a few more pics to enjoy and I'll have more to come. Thanks for coming on tour with us! :o)

So, I didn't get to hit the post button on this before we did our show so....

Show #2 was a huge success!! Had a great time again and the energy from Heidelberg was amazing. Visit my facebook page for all the pics.

Talk to ya tomorrow!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

On The Road Again

After four long months of being stationary, we are finally on the road again! (Wha hoo) For the next 2 weeks, we will be touring Germany for a total of 15 shows in 15 days. One of my goals for this year is to get better at blogging/writing so I’m taking this opportunity to do just that. I will do my best to document each day of the tour and keep you all in the loop. Hopefully you be entertained and feel like you’re right here with us :o)

Side note: I am writing this in real time-mostly.

Day one:
We traveled non-stop to Stuttgart, Germany. It was about a 9 hour flight from Atlanta. Honestly, the time flew by for me because I slept the entire flight!! I mean the entire thing. I vaguely remember the safety video showing me how to fasten my seat belt and the next thing I know we were landing in Germany. #iwasknockedout! (For all my twitter lovers :)

The weather here is a bit chilly but pleasant. Our 20 minute ride to the hotel was full of beautiful countryside scenery and traditional German architecture. Of course we saw a few familiar buildings like McDonalds and Subway but even they had a different flare to them. After getting settled into our rooms we have about 3 ½ hours until we leave for sound check. Being that there aren’t any places for us to explore near the hotel (especially food places), we’re excited to head to the venue. Right now, I’m watching a T.V. show that looks like the equivalent of SNL doing a spoof on Darth Vader playing ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’….umm….I think I’m gonna read my book *slowly nods head with raised eyebrows*

So now it’s 4:22pm and we just finished sound check. Everything sounds great. This is definitely gonna be a great show! Everyone’s chilling out right now and our super awesome bus driver, Ingo (like Bingo without the “B”), tried to teach us a few words in German…ha! That was hilarious. You had to be there to appreciate how hilarious that was! Put it this way, there are some languages country folk aren’t meant to speak and German (wait for it….) is one of them, lol! But it was fun trying :)

So in another hour or so, we will be having dinner in a bier garten (beer garden)and then get ready for the show! I will take more pics and post them with my next post.

Opening act is Splice. They are a funk band and just from hearing their soundcheck, they are gonna be jammin!

Pics from top to bottom: (sign just outside the airport, Super cool looking McDonalds, Pricing for Gas at Shell (price is by the liter so multiply by 4 and you’ll get the price per gallon…in EURO!! #nevergonnacomplainaboutgasagain, Really cool shot of an apartment building. I love these colors!!)

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