Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Earjeans 365 Collection : #246

Happy Sunday everyone! I am very pleased to bring you addition #246 to our 365 collection. They are called "the Transition"
Materials used: Unique Italian 2-sided lambskin leather wood connector beads hematite beads head pins fish hook ear wires--- I created these earrings in honor of my recent decision to return to college and complete my degree in Fashion Merchandising. I am learning and growing so much. While I am 1000% excited I am definitely feeling a bit uncomfortable. And it has nothing to do with the classroom....
Its one thing to dream of "one day becoming or having ____________ (insert your dream here). It's a totally different thing when you can feel it actually happening. All of a sudden your insecurities begin to surface and you silently question and/or doubt your ability to carry this amazing dream out. For fear of failing you immediately want to retreat back to what is comfortable and familiar. *Begins talking to self* Growth and maturity can only happen successfully from a place of discomfort. Returning to "familiar" will only keep you in the same place you're in. It is obviously true that you want better because you've gotten this far on your new journey. Close your eyes, say a prayer of faith, take a deep breath, and embrace "The Transition"
After creating these earrings and posting this blog, I am feeling a little bit better. Thank you for reading! Tasha LaRae Click here for more information on these earrings including how to purchase

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