Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Wonderful World of Eshe!

Montsho Eshe is 1 of 4 remaining, active, original members of the 2x grammy award winning hip hop group, Arrested Development. She's a dancer, singer, songwriter, mother, teacher, leader, model, actress, and one of my favoritest people in the world! Her passion for life, family, dance, and helping others is most inspiring.

Recently, Eshe was asked to be the front page model for a hair magazine called Beyond Braids. I caught up with Eshe while she patiently sat and got her hair braided by natrual hair care stylist extraordinaire, Naeemah Serwaa for Benevolentcreationz. Naeemah has been braiding hair since she was a child and she's so passionate about it! Her work is very detailed and immediately grabs the attention of others. You can see more of her work on her facebook page. (click on her name and you will be directed there).

Then we headed over to Reggie Anderson's photography studio where Ms. Eshe immediately went to make up and waredrobe for a fun afternoon of posing for pics.

Reggie Anderson (photographer) and Eshe hard at work. They make it look so easy!

I'll admit, I had a great time being in the company of so many talented and creative people. Reggie Anderson has worked with subjects from all walks of life including an endless list of celeberties. Reggie was kind enough to allow me to snap some pics of him as he worked with Eshe and he also gave me a few pointers working with my own camera. (I'm very proud of my Fuji Film Finepix digital camera, but his camera was waay cooler than mine!) If you've passed the hair products isle at your favorite store, then you've seen his beautiful work. Click on his name to view more.

Ejoy these fun pics!

Eshe and her beautiful daughter!

From left to right: Naeemah Serwaa (hair stylist), Eshe, Eddie Spencer (owner of Beyond Braids Magazine)

Peyton keeping busy while hanging with mom

*Feel free to click the links and learn more about the awesome people mentioned in today's blog. You can also search for them on twitter and facebook.

**Please note that all of these pics were taken by my camera. Reggie Anderson's pictures are way better!

I couldn't resist the opportunity!! Here are a few pics of Eshe modeling Earjeans :o) 2 of the 4 earrings pictured were sold immediately after we took these pics!!


  1. This is a wonderful feature and Eshe is beautiful! Love the earjeans, too! :)