Sunday, October 17, 2010

Arrested Development's UK Tour 2010

9 cities. 9 shows. 10 days!! What an amaziing experience.

While we are still in the midst of the tour, I had to take this opportunity to talk a little bit about our experience (from my point of view) touring the United Kingdom and singing every step of the way.

So far we've visited London, Exeter, Brighton, Birmingham, and Scotland! We still have Bristol, Sheffield, Dublin, and Leeds to go. I'm really looking forward to visiting Ireland!!

The great thing about touring is that you meet so many interesting people who have so much to share. The sad thing is that we don't always get to take a few days off to explore our surroundings. But I'm not complaining.

What I enjoy most about traveling abroad is that you see so many different lifestyles, cultures, belief systems, etc that without warning you begin to remove limitations from your own life. Personally, I've noticed a definite change in how I approach solutions to everyday problems I face. This comes with a great level of stress relief (although stress is not eliminated!)

I think that is the main lesson I've learned from all of my travels - there is always a solution to a problem. Sometimes you have to change your prospective to see it.

Anyway, I won't make this post to wordy! Be sure to follow this blog and check back for more cool updates and posts! Here are a few pics for you to enjoy!

The castle outside my window in Scotland!

A crowd shot from the stage in Brighton, England!

JJ Boogie (our guitar player)

Statue in Exeter, England

a shot of the beach in Brighton

the crowd having fun in Scotland

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