Tuesday, May 31, 2011

On the Road Again

Happy Tuesday everyone :o) Hope you're all smiling! We've made it to our 4th city, Bochum, Germany and it's a bit rainy and gloomy. We'll be doing a sound check soon and then off to dinner before the show. I'm starting to miss making jewelry. I wish I would have brought something to work on but I wouldn't have any time to do it. :( oh well guess I'll just have to keep enjoying Germany *snaps fingers* lol

An interesting concept I've experienced for the past 2 days...having to pay to use the public restrooms! 0.50 Euro you pay and it gives you a ticket to pee :) but if you buy something from the store they give you your money to pee back, lol! hilarious!! But I'll admit, those bathrooms are as clean as the doctors office and it had a self cleaning thing where the toilet lid spins around as this cloth with a cleaning agent wipes the seat clean. I was amazed lol!


Thanks to a couple of our friends, we were informed of an E-coli outbreak here in Germany and have stayed away from cucumbers, tomatoes, and lettuce. (so much for eating salads). But I really feel bad for the people who've died because of this. That's scary. A lot of people got sick from it (like 300) but 10 people died. So sad...

Sorry I don't have anything more super exciting to share than pay-per-use-toilets and contaminated vegetables! Hopefully somthing really cool happens at the show tonight and I can share it with you :o)

Here are the latest pics


  1. Great stuff Tasha! I linked it from Highway 85 as well. I have heard of the pay toilets and that they are exceptionally clean, so maybe we better go that route here, because you know ours are anything but!

  2. Thanks for the update.. thats awesome. cept he salads and toilets.. haha
    Keep rockin and sharing...

  3. Thanks for reading Jeremy! I agree, I'd pay to use a exceptionally clean public toilet!

  4. Hi Mitzi!!I will definitely do that :o) We've been eating plenty of vegetables (don't wanna be scared of eating healthy) we just pray over our food and let God handle the rest, lol! It hasn't failed us so we're not worried. thanks for reading!