Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The EJ Giveaway!!!

Hey everyone! Welcome to my first ever blog giveaway :)

With lots to look forward to in 2012, I am really excited for all the things that will be changing for the better. High on my list of things to get better at is blogging. I appreciate all of you who follow, comment, read, and share my blog with others.-Typos and all! That being said, I'd like to do something special for you :)

3 beautiful ladies will be given a free pair of Earjeans (pictured below).

This giveaway requires only two things of you: 1)to follow this blog if you aren't already and 2) post a comment on this post answering the following question: If you could say one thing to another woman to encourage her, what would you say?

Your response can be as long as you like. All entries will be placed in a hat and 3 winners will be drawn. I will announce the winners on Monday, Dec 12th via blog post. All winners, please email me at to send me your full name and address where earrings are to be mailed.

3 winners will receive these cute and fun earrings

Feel free to share this on your twitter, facebook, stumbleupon, and any other pages you like! If we get over 25 comments I'll give away 4 pair instead of 3!

Encourage away :)


  1. There is something this world needs that is so important, it required your existance. Your uniquness is valuable and precious. You would be settling for less if you try to be like someone else. Embrace who you are-flaws and all. We need you to be YOU.

  2. If I could say one thing it would be : Always be what pleases YOU and be the Queen that you were put here to be ...don't bend or change for others...BE ORIGINAL

  3. To be able to encourage another woman, it would be best, (it does not have to be, but) that I had went down the road that she is going down. First, I would tell my sista that regardless of what is going on, prayer changes things & that she would need to rely on that for help. Secondly, I would also let her know that though it may seem like it, trouble does not last always. Thirdly, I would seek out to help her to the best of my ability and be a good listener. We as women want people to listen to us and wanting that does not stop because we are going through something. :)

  4. Love, respect and honor yourself. If we all stand together for the common good, we can truly make a difference!

  5. BEAUTIFUL WOMEN! Every one of you were CREATED for a specific purpose! Seek out your purpose, be Authentic, believe in you, and know that everything you've gone through, going through, and will go through is only to make you stronger, wiser, and better to help the next sista!! LOVE HARD because YOU ARE LOVED :-)

  6. NEVER compromise who God created you to be for anyone or anything!

  7. As an exclusive Natural Hair Stylist I find myself constantly encouraging women to embrace their natural beauty! I would say this...we were all created with a purpose, down to our DNA stand! Never be afaid to be who you were created to be (a beautiful black women). I love to see a BBW blossom into a confident BBW, and I see it every day when my clients come into the salon not sure about wearing their natural hair out and leave on top of the world. My career choice alone speaks to many women on a daily makes me proud!!

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  9. I had the privilege of encouraging a young lady last night. I paraphrased a passage from poetry I wrote for myself. The love in you doesn't stop simply because some have failed to appreciate it. Let it flow fluidly. Be who you are. Accept who you are. Love who you are. You are MORE than enough. If you cover a million dollars in dirt, it's still worth a million dollars. You may be battered and bruised and broken and hurt and tired and discouraged, but your value hasn't diminished. You are STILL priceless!

  10. This is what I would say;
    Women are a thing if beauty no matter what size. We were placed here by God to show men they can lead and be successful. Our success comes from knowing who we are, who's we are, and being able to lead and support in many areas of our lives. So if your down and out, look in the mirror see your self worth,know your a child of God and through him there is nothing you cannot do. Remember you are beautiful!!!!

  11. Thank you all for your comments of encouragement! I hope that someone who needs to hear your words will find this post and be encouraged. Hugs to you all!!

    And the winners are....
    DBLK Moses
    Hello Kitty

    Please message me at with your information so I can mail out your new earrings!!