Monday, October 24, 2011

The Earjeans 365 Collection: #285

Earrings #285 are called "Spiral girl" copper earrings.

I dedicate these to everyone woman who feels like sometimes they are just going in circles!

Our materials
Copper wire (20g and 14g)

I was inspired by my own personal feelings when I created these lovelies. Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in the "doing" of life that we don't take time to relax, reflect, and re-evaluate what we do from day to day-making sure we're in line with our goals.

The design time for these was about 20 minutes and completing them really helped me to calm my feelings.

So here they are

If you feel yourself "going in circles" take a moment to relax and breathe. We can't do everything at once but we can accomplish anything one step at a time. Be patient with yourself and enjoy your journey of life every step of the way.

Peace and Love,

Tasha LaRae

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