Friday, October 21, 2011

The Earjeans 365 Collection: #286

Our jewelry inspiration for this next piece comes from my recent trip to the thrift store.

After cleaning out the closets in my house, I made a trip to donate my unwanted items to the thrift store a few blocks away from my house. Dropping off several bags of stuff, I then walked up and down the isles for "stuff" to take home, ha!

There was one outfit that jumped out and yelled, "Please re-incarnate me into Earjeans" :) (OK, maybe I exaggerated that a little but you get the idea)

So Earrings #287 are called "Thrifty Gal"fabric earrings
But before I get started with the materials, here are a few fun shots of me wearing this 2-piece ens amble before giving it new purpose.

OK, here we go!

Our materials:
groovy pair of pants
gold beads

The first style of earrings I saw this fabulous print as were the 3 layered skirted fabric earrings. Once I completed them I knew I was going to be making more for myself, lol!

So here they are in all their glory :)

Click here for more information about these lovelies :)


  1. Very cool. It's the best feeling when you see something out in the world and know you have to transform it into jewelry NOW!

  2. those are so fun! I love seeing you in that groovy outfit!

  3. Ha! Thanks, Jeanie :) It was fun to wear for the moment...