Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Earjeans 365 Collection: #314

Today's jewelry inspiration comes from my observations of how many people felt about the recent execution of Troy Davis. Click here for more information on this story.

I, like many other folks, found myself full of questions, opinions, and even more questions that left me with mixed emotions. I thought it would be fitting to create today's jewelry piece to reflect this. Making these earrings didn't answer any of the questions I had but it did help me shake the "weird" feeling I had this morning.

So piece #314 are called "Mixed Emotions" beaded earrings

Our materials

bamboo stick beads
jet/amber shell stick beads
hematite beads
dark brown wood ball beads
6mm sun bicone beads
jewelry wire

Putting these cuties together took about 20 minutes. Each style of bead is different in it's own way yet they all mix together beautifully to make a fabulous, fashionable jewelry piece for your fall collection.

our new earrings

Earrings are available here

I hope you had a very productive Thursday! See you bright and early in the morning :)

Peace and love,


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