Friday, September 16, 2011

The Earjeans 365 Collection: #320

Last night, I enjoyed a beautiful evening out with friends as we celebrated one of the many accomplishments of, Arrested Development's own dancing/singing diva, Montsho Eshe. Her lovely face along with the braiding genius of Naeemah Serwaa can now be seen on the cover of Beyond Braids magazine! (wha hoo!) click above to see the cover

The celebration took place at Pampered Nail & Body Spa , downtown Atlanta on Nelson street. As I walked to and from my car, I couldn't help but notice the cool, crisp night air, and rustling of fallen leaves dancing down the street. It was a beautiful reminder that fall is soon approaching. So I decided to spend a little more time downtown and walked with a friend to a nearby pub. A plate of good food and fun conversation later, we were back on the side walk and my friend stretches his neck out an sings "I looove fa aa aaalll" lol! (you had to be there) It was hilarious to say the least. So without naming names (smile) I dedicate jewelry piece #320 to you, ______ (you know who you are)! I call it the "I love Fall" jewelry set.

Our materials

colorful collection of glass beads
silver ball beads
fishing wire

I cut a long piece of fishing wire and strung each bead on as I desired alternating a glass bead with a silver bead. It took about 20 minutes to make- including the earrings.

Our new jewelry piece

Jewelry set is now available click here

Happy Friday everyone!

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