Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Earjeans 365 Collection: #335

Today's jewelry creation was inspired by a fun trip to the fabric store with my creative friend, Leon. Leon is an amazing fashion designer and his flow of creativity seems to be endless! I love it. I always leave him full of new ideas.

The fabric store we visited had an amazing selection of buttons and a handfull of them caught my eye immediately. I thought it would be cool to introduce our first ring into our collection at #335 "Sterling Silver Retro Ring" (sounds like this ring should have super powers or something, lol)

Our materials
Sterling silver jewelry wire
1 button

Design time for this piece is about 15-20 minutes. Sometimes the wire gives you a hard time and doesn't want to bend at your will. I threaded the wire through each button hole and then wrapped it to my desired ring size. The ring pictured is a size 10.

our finished result...

Ring now available online

Happy Thursday!


  1. love her...its funny i was looking at buttons yesterday and visualizing some amazing things in my head. Like minds think alike.

  2. yes ma'am! Looking forward to seeing what new creations you've got goin on, sis!