Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Earjeans 365 Collection: #321

So today's post will be published a little later in the day than I would have liked because I finally went to the gym early in the morning,lol! I've been trying to catch this Zumba class for the past 3 weeks and today, I made it. I also took a body pump class so after 2 hours of working out, I was completely drained.

As I drove home, I knew I needed to make a piece of jewelry to tell you about, but all I could think about was sleep. Then the light bulb lit up...make a copper jewelry piece! Copper is said to be an energy conductor and Lord knows I needed it.

So I call piece #321 The Energy Conductor necklace.

Our materials
copper wire
burnt orange agate
suede cord

I was taught this wire wrapping technique by Elinaj, owner of Akashic Jewelry

After securing the agate, I strung the pendant on a suede cord and knotted each end.

Our new piece

Click here for more info on this piece

Hope you are having an amazing day!!

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