Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Earjeans 365 collection: #315

Today's jewelry creation actually started as a project that my 11-yr old jewelry student and I worked on for her lesson. I had a copy of Bead Style Magazine and I asked her to pick out something she wanted to learn. She picked a very beautiful necklace and we went for it.

Our lessons usually last for about an hour and a half. But this necklace took us almost 4 hours to make! We had no idea. (We even took a break so she could do her school work, lol) I continued to work on my piece while she worked on math.

When our necklaces were complete we were both excited about our new creations. She said she is going to wear her's to school sometime soon. After working almost 4 hours on one piece, I was gonna blog about it, :)

So piece #315 is called "Fancy Fall" beaded necklace

Our materials
fishing wire
carnelian bead chips
midnight blue rectangle & oval wood beads
gold pearl beads
silver ball beads
silver cone beads
jewelry wire

I carefully followed the directions this design called for (links to mag, design, etc are at the bottom of this post) but I used different beads and a different color combination. Almost 4 hours later (we started at 5pm and I was finished at 8:51pm), this is what I created...

I am so proud of my student, Adah! Here's a picture of what she made. At 11yrs old, she definitely full of a lot of creativity and positive energy and I'm so blessed to be around her. She is truly destined for greatness.

Great work, Adah!

I'm glad we did this design as I'd like to make a few more with different colors and styles.

Today's jewelry piece will be available soon. Thanks for following along with me and have a fabulous day!


*Necklace design was featured on the front cover of Bead Style magazine Jan 2011. The project is called "Go for baroque" by Naomi Fujimoto and can be found here Bead Style magazine Jan 2011

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