Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Earjeans 365 Collection: #332 & #331

I'm making this a double post to get us back on track.

Sunday's earrings were inspired by a little spring cleaning. With fall coming right around the corner, it's natural to start packing up summer clothes and shopping for winter. With Earjeans, it's the same thing. I'm ready to shop for new fabrics but, I've gotta make room for it. So I decided to grab some of my leather fabrics and make a few pieces.

#332 "Sassy Long leather earrings"

Our materials

leather fabric
suede cord

I used purple, yellow, & tan leather with turquoise suede cord. These took about 20 mins to make. They were so cute when I completed them...yep, I kept them, lol! But they are available in my shop as I will make them to order.

Our new earrings...

Monday's earrings were a continuation of Sunday's inspiration (actually, I put two different color combinations together and couldn't decide on which one I liked best so I used them both, lol)

#331 "Classy Long leather earrings"

Our materials
leather fabric

The color combination for these is royal blue, yellow, & gold metallic. they are super long and really pretty :) Design time for these is also 20 minutes.

Our finished piece

Hope you had a fabulous labor day weekend!

Stay tuned for Tuesday's earring post :)

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