Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Earjeans 365 Collection: #339

I'm really excited about today's addition to the Earjeans 365 collection as the inspiration for this piece came to me about 3am! I had a hard time sleeping so I did what I normally do, sat at my jewelry table and stared at my supplies until inspiration sparked. Nine times out of ten, it never fails and this time was no exception :)

So I call addition #339 Morning Inspiration jewelry set

Our materials

Various shades and shapes of wood beads
memory wire (not pictured)

This set takes about an hour to make. (The time went by fast)

Bracelet wraps around most adult size wrists one ring at a time. I used medium size memory wire and strung an alternating pattern of wood beads on it. then closed off the end and attached dark brown wood circle. Then repeated the first step to complete other side.

The earrings I kept very simple as I think this compliments the bracelet and necklace very well.

Necklace is made with large memory wire. I sued the same process on bracelet for the necklace. The pendant piece is the same pattern as the earrings.

I look forward to experimenting more with this style using different beads, colors, etc. This was really fun to make :)

Here's what are new creating looks like....

Happy Sunday!

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