Friday, August 26, 2011

The Earjeans 365 Collection: #341

Earring #341 "Naturally Chic" dangle earrings

Today's inspiration comes from twitter! This morning while checkin in with my twitter peeps, I was introduced to Tone aka @TONEStore(twitter name). Tone is an all natural and organic beauty boutique located in St. Louis, MO. The store name stands for Truly Organic & Natural Environment. (I love that :) and they offer a variety of beauty products that come from all around the world. You can visit the store by clicking here

I am also happy to announce that Earjeans will be available at Tone very soon!! I'll keep you updated.

So today's earrings are in celebration of your natural beauty :)

Our materials...

cotton fabric
wood beads various sizes
plastic tube bead (not exactly natural but looks awesome)

After putting the fabric pieces together, I attached the large dark brown wood bead then a smaller reddish-orange wood bead and turquoise bead at the top. These took about 25 minutes to create and are perfect for the fall season.

You match these with many earth tone outfits or even all white (but you'll have to wear it soon before Labor Day comes :)

Side Note: Who created the rule that you can't wear white shoes after Labor day? Just curious...

Ok, I'm back...

Our new earrings:

Happy Friday yall!!

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