Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Earjeans 365 Collection #350

Good morning all!

Today's inspiration comes from my wonderful circle of friends. I say this often and I really believe that...I have the best friends in the world! Seriously. From the many words of encouragement, to the "girl, you need to leave him alone" and everything in between, there's nothing like a true friend. So today's jewelry set is called, "The Golden Girls Jewelry set".

Our materials...

gold pearl beads
hematite beads
silver butterfly charm (added this one for you, Celeste :)

I used a bead tray with measurement to keep my sides even. I strung alternating pattern of 2 pearl beads and 1 hematite bead.

I painted a clear coat of nail polish on both sides of the butterfly to keep it shiny and strung in the center of bead design.

Necklace is 24" long and closed off with a barrel clasp. I made a cute pair of 1" pearl earrings to match.

Finished piece

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