Friday, August 12, 2011

The Earjeans 365 collection #354

These are one of my favorites of this collection (I'm still in love the with the peacock chain earrings :)

Today's earrings are also inspired by love. Later today we will be singing in Japan for the Summer Sonic music festival and the vibe of the entire place is love and unity. Especially after the devastation that the country experienced this year.

So earring #354 are called Celebrate Love Earrings

Our materials...

denim jeans
orange and white fabric paint
wood beads

After cutting the circle pieces out of the denim, I painted white and orange squiggly lines and, once it dried, I hand stitched the buttons on the outside of the fabric. Then pieced the rest of the earrings together before attaching the wood beads and findings.

I'm very pleased with the outcome...

Happy Friday!

crowd shot at A.D. show in Japan 2010

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