Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Earjeans 365 collection: #353

This post is a day late (sorry) So this is for Sunday :)

These lovely earrings are called Bright Side of Life earrings. My inspiration for these came from spending a weekend with my beautiful nieces, nephews, and God children. They are so full of life, energy, and their outlook on life is so simple and pure. So I wanted to capture that moment in these earrings.

Our materials...

seed beads
memory wire
cotton fabric

I strung alternating colors of seed beads onto the memory wire and then towards the middle, I tied strips of fabric in between my beads. Then I rounded off my ends and attached the findings. Simple to explain but it took a lot longer to make, lol!
Design time for these was about 45 minutes.

Our end result....

The perfect way to spend these last few weeks of summer ;)


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