Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Earjeans 365 Collection: #358

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today's inspiration comes from everyone who wakes up in the morning and grabs a fresh cup of coffee to get their day started. I asked a few of my "coffee lover" friends how many cups it takes for them to feel alert and ready for their day. The average is 2-3 cups so I decided to make a jewelry set with 3 pieces, one for each cup of Joe :)

Here we go!

#358 The Coffee Break Jewelry set


Mahogany glass beads
jewelry wire
stretch bead chord
*I decided not to use the sterling silver jewelry chain in picture for this set*

Bracelet: I cut 7" of stretch bead chord and strung the beads as pictured below. Once all beads were on, I tied a double knot and then cut the access chord off. Then I applied clear finger nail polish to keep the chord from coming a part.

Ring: I hand wrapped the ring with silver plated 18 gauge jewelry wire to fit a size 8. Ring can be made to your desired size.

Earrings (always my favorite!): This time I made them small. I understand that everyone doesn't share my love for oversize ear charms ;)
They measure 1 1/2" long- perfect for the office.

So what did it all look like in the end?

I think I'll make a second trip to the bead store to make more of these sets in different colors. I really like how they came out. How bout you?

If you are reading this line I would personally like to thank you for taking some time to read this. I don't always know if anyone ever sees the posts I create but I continue to do it because I enjoy it. 'Til next time, Have an amazing day!

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