Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Earjeans 365 collection: #357

Happy Wednesday everyone! I'm getting today's earrings posted a little later than I would have liked but I guess better late than never :)

Today's inspiration comes from recent conversations I've had with a few of my friends. Each conversation was different but all had a common theme to it- Pride.
I'm not talking about pride in it's negative sense. I mean being proud of who you are and the accomplishments of our loved ones or ourselves.

Earring #357 The Proud Peacock Feather earrings

Our materials for today....

peacock feathers
leather- 2 different shades

I hand wrapped each peacock feather with jewelry wire and then attached them (along with 2 strips of leather) onto the jewelry chain. (took a lot longer to make than to type, lol)

When I completed them, I immediately wanted to keep them for myself (which I am) BUT I am definitely making more for the shop cause, These ROCK! (not tooting my own horn...)

The end result....

And of course I had to wear them :)

I will be wearing these proudly while I'm in Japan. (I leave tomorrow ;) Hopefully I'll get some great pictures in them to share when I return.

Thanks for checkin in!

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