Friday, August 12, 2011

The Earjeans 365 collection #355

Continuing the theme of peace and positivity in the world, Earjeans #355 are called "A cry for Justice" Earrings.

Our materials...

black denim fabric
red and silver glitter fabric paint
jewelry chain

I thought it would be cool to create earrings that resembled a billboard for advertisements. And what better thing to advertise & promote than peace, love, justice, and the overall betterment of mankind? Please note: I understand that one pair of earrings might not change the world but it may brighten some one's day. and That is very important to me :)

So how did these turn out?

And here are a few pics of me having fun wearing them :)


  1. Amazing! What a fantastic idea! So many inspiring words can be used to create such a statement! ~Val

  2. Thanks Val! I totally agree. I'm definitely gonna have fun with this one :)