Friday, August 19, 2011

The Earjeans 365 Collection: #348

Today's jewelry creation is inspired by all the independant music artists I met at the International Soul Music Summit (Atlanta, GA) yesterday. I was blessed to be on a panel of talented & beautiful women to talk about our experience in the music industry and offer any tips of wisdom, advice, etc.

Many things were shared but the over all message from the panel was believe in your dreams and then don't stop until they become a reality.

It takes a lot of courage, the courage of a warrior to follow your dreams so today's piece is dedicated to all the "warriors" of the world.

#348 Unisex Tribal Necklace

Our materials...
bone beads and pendant
black onyx beads
19 strand jewelry wire (2 pieces)

Because of the weight of these beads, I used to strung all the beads on 2 strands of 19-strand jewelry wire. Alternating pattern of bone beads and black onyx ball beads and then I used a barrel clasp to close off.

The finished result....
Happy Friday!

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