Monday, August 15, 2011

The Earjeans 365 collection: #352

Today's inspiration comes from beautiful Croatia!

I had the pleasure of performing there this summer as a part of our (Arrested Development) U.K. 15 city tour. We made a lot of friends on that trip and I tried a lot of different foods and drinks. We stopped for a show in Zagreb, the capitol of Croatia. For dinner, we visited a restaurant called Pomaranca v vroci cokoladi. As a part of the decorations, there were several large bowls of wine corks they were collecting. As I walked past them I said "I bet I could make some cool earrings with those" :) While we were eating, one of the young ladies (Maja) escorting us around brought a brown bag to me and said "This is a gift from the owner". I open it and it's a nice portion of wine corks! I was so excited :) I held on to them for a couple of months until I knew exactly what to make.

Earring #352 are called A Taste of Croatia.

Our materials...

Wine cork
leather cord
jewelry wire
acrylic bead

I took one wine cork and cut it in half with an exact-o blade. I pushed a thick safety pin through and then strung the half cork on an eye pin. I added an acrylic bead for a little extra flare and attached the ear hook. Then I bound several pieces of yarn and 1 long strip of leather cord with silver plated jewelry wire. After that I attached both pieces together.

And this is how they look...

See you tomorrow :)

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